Monday, 22 June 2015

Memories !

We are celebrating Lind'as birthday at Chycara today.

This prompted me to update Facebook.  We now have a Chycara Community Facebook page
which we try and keep updating with events and developments in our small piece of Cornish paraidse.  Having update Facebook I turned my attention to our Blog.  I have been trying, for the last few months,  to remember how to log in and update the Blog.  You probably know that awful sensation when you know that you know something but just cannot rember it.  Well, I finally had that AHA! moment and thought I must post a very quick update.

It is almost shameful to acknowledge that out last posting was in 2012 and here we are half way through 2015. Consequently there is so much to add its almost impossible to know where to start so I just a couple of events of note for now and I can always do a more detailed catch later - now that I can remember how to log on etc!

We actually managed a short holiday abroad in Funchal at the end of February.  First time we have been away for some years.  We had a great time and must remeber to do it again.

We lost the huge Ash tree at the front of the house earlier in the year.  It blew over in the severe winds we experienced at the end of Spring.  Luckily and happily it fell away from the house - much relief all round !  On the up side we now have more light coming into the house and a supply of firewood which should last for some time to come, and finally some greta chunks of wood to make some sort of epic garden furniture or scuplture.

I must be away for now as I have to practice the art of not falling off the ride on mower (much embarrasment the other week)!